Carla Scarabino

Chief Development Officer

If you were to search for the Webster's Dictionary definition behind “prosocial,” you will find a picture of Carla Scarabino adjacent to it. A veteran member of The Tigger House Foundation since 2017, Scarabino utilizes her business education and experience as a means of garnering the necessary financial success to bolster the organization. In 2020, she became THF’s Director of Development, driven by a personal drive to assist those in need through her devotion within Nonprofit work. 

“I want my daily work to have meaning and make a positive impact on others,” Scarabino said. “I want to contribute to my community for the greater good.”

Scarabino sees her Nonprofit expertise as a means of influencing the world as a powerful source of positivity. 

“Nonprofit work offers me the opportunity to make positive change in the world and my local community,” Scarabino said.

Using her strong go-getter attitude, Scarabino aims to use her experience as a means of compelling others to action towards a strong cause like that of THF.

“I want the opportunity to tell Tigger’s story to inspire change so that others do not experience the suffering and loss of a loved one,” Scarabino said.

Scarabino credits being around passionate and diverse people that inspires her in getting ideas and excitement in motivating her work. Being organized and having hands-on experience in project planning all aid in setting her ambitions in true motion. Scarabino cites the late Princess Diana as a personal hero, who “used her position of power and fame to give hope and comfort to the forgotten and needy of the world.”

In her spare time, Scarabino enjoys cooking, practicing yoga, and spending family bonding time with her husband Nicholas and two daughters Christina and Catherine.

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